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Leveraging Eurostruct Inc.'s Excellence as a Construction Manager at Risk in New York.

Searching for a dependable construction manager at risk who guarantees the maximum price for your construction project? Look no further than Eurostruct Inc. Based in Brooklyn, this industry-leading construction company has a sterling reputation for delivering quality projects within the agreed budget across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany, and New Jersey.

Eurostruct Inc.: A Top-Ranked Construction Manager at Risk

In the complex realm of construction, one term that stands out in today’s market is “construction manager at risk” (CMAR). This role takes on the responsibility for delivering a project within a ‘Guaranteed Maximum Price’ (GMP). A construction manager at risk essentially assumes the financial risk for any cost overruns, ensuring project owners’ peace of mind. And, when it comes to delivering on this promise, few can match the expertise and experience of Eurostruct Inc.

Having solidified its position as an industry front-runner in the tri-state area, Eurostruct Inc. offers a cost plus a fee with a GMP. This approach assures customers of cost-effectiveness, financial transparency, and a fail-safe cap on the budget for their construction project.

Eurostruct Inc. and the AIA-102 & AIA-201

Eurostruct Inc.’s approach to CMAR aligns with the AIA-102 and AIA-201: standard forms of agreement that guide the relationship between the owner and the construction manager at risk. By incorporating these standard documents into their operations, Eurostruct demonstrates its commitment to industry best practices, further reinforcing its standing as a reliable construction manager at risk.

Serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany, and New Jersey

From its home base in Brooklyn, Eurostruct Inc. has expanded its footprint to include Manhattan, Albany, and the New Jersey area. Its proven ability to manage and deliver on complex construction projects in these high-demand areas has solidified its reputation as a dependable partner. Regardless of project size or complexity, Eurostruct’s expertise and risk management approach assures successful project delivery on time, every time.

Your Project’s Success, Our Guarantee

Whether you’re embarking on a commercial build-out in bustling Manhattan or planning a residential construction project in the quaint boroughs of Brooklyn or Albany, consider the benefits of working with Eurostruct Inc. As a construction manager at risk, we guarantee your project’s completion within the agreed budget, providing you with peace of mind and a quality construction outcome.

With a focus on transparency, reliability, and industry-standard processes, Eurostruct Inc. exemplifies what you should look for in a construction manager at risk. Our client-centric approach, combined with our depth of experience across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Albany, and New Jersey, makes us the premier choice for your construction project.

So, the next time you’re considering a construction project, remember the name Eurostruct Inc. We’re more than a construction company – we’re your trusted partner and construction manager at risk, dedicated to your project’s success. Let us turn your construction dreams into a reality. Contact us today.

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